ABOUT Chiche!

The Chiche! Story

Chadi came to Luxembourg in 2015 as a result of the war in Syria. He doesn't define himself as a refugee but as a citizen of the world who can be at home wherever his heart is.

In this sense he is a model of integration for having been active in various organisations (Hariko,...) and a self employed occasional caterer since his arrival in Luxembourg.

He is truly a "syrial" chef, having also held various positions in restaurants all over the Middle East, Europe and as far as Japan.

The kitchen is largely authentically middle eastern but we aim to offer a variety of dishes which might have a different origin based on the nationality of our staff.

Triggered by Pitt and Marianne’s wish to create a second social pop-up restaurant, Chiche!  fosters social inclusion by empowering women and men from here and elsewhere through work. Our special aim goes at hiring women of all origins and of a certain age that have a hard time finding a job but who generally have fabulous cooking skills. We believe that this project will allow them to regain self-confidence, to develop social and language skills, and that they will enrich our country with their energy and culture in the years to come.

Being of a temporary nature, the concept was that the renovations would be carried out by the team under Isabelle’s directions with minimal investment into the walls and maximum social impact for the implied people. Up-cycling second hand objects and creating several different ambiances have been at the heart of the decoration idea.

Frederique came up with the name «  Chiche » as it has a triple meaning: pois chiche is the french word for chick-pea, one of the cornerstones of mediterranean kitchen and the main ingredient of the falafel, our signature dish. 

It is also - phonetically - the arabic word for skewer (brochette).


Finally Chiche! is a french expression for "taking up a challenge" and launching a social impact, sustainable and viable pop-up restauration project is quite a challenge!

We would like to thank Ihab, Ahmad, Bilal, Abdu, Mohammed, Mohssine, Guy, Fayssal, Mohamad, Jean, Claudine, Brasserie Bofferding, Barkas, Yves, Matic for the pictures and our neighbours and many others for their support and patience, donations and help. 


  Chiche! team

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