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The Chiche! Story

Triggered by some friends' wish to create a social restaurant, Chiche! fosters social inclusion by empowering women and men from here and elsewhere through work.

Our objective is to hire people of all origins that have a hard time finding a job but who generally have fabulous skills. We believe that this project will allow them to regain self-confidence, to develop social and language skills, and that they will enrich our country with their energy and culture in the years to come.

What started as a temporary venue in Hollerich has now found two perennial destinations, in Limpertsberg and in Esch. A third restaurant in Leudelange, also offering art exhibitions, first offered Japanese food under the name YABANI by Chiche!. It has now been transformed into a third Lebanese restaurant with the usual cozy vintage decoration, plus a beautiful garden.

The main theme has remained the same: minimal investment into the walls and maximum social impact for the implied people. Up-cycling second hand objects and creating cozy, arty ambiances have been at the heart of the decoration idea.

« Chiche » has a triple meaning: pois chiche is the French word for chick-pea, one of the cornerstones of mediterranean cuisine and the main ingredient of the falafel, our signature dish.

It is also - phonetically - the Arabic word for skewer (brochette).

Finally Chiche! is a French expression for "taking up a challenge" and launching a social impact, sustainable and economically viable restauration with only non-professionals from 16 different countries - quite a challenge!

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