Dear all

Chiche! - as most of the other restaurants - is closed for the time being.

After careful evaluation of the situation we believe that what matters most at this point in time is everybody’s safety and not a short term solution to keep some hummus and falafels in circulation.


Therefore - for the moment and in expectation of further developments and decisions - we have decided not to pursue the idea of setting up a take-out service.


Our remaining stocks of fresh food have been donated to non for profits so that no food got lost in a period where people are fighting for toilet-paper!!!


There are tough times ahead and the ride might get shaky but we hope that the government will lend a helping hand to our sector which contributes largely to the attraction of this country.


Now is the time to protect ourselves so that the health system doesn’t collapse - nothing else.


The easiest way to support our first responders and medical workers is by not getting sick.


We hope to come up with good news rather sooner than later and to find you back in good health in a once again crowded Chiche!


Spread the love not the virus


Stay safe ... and tuned

your Chiche! - team


ps: if you are nostalgic you can always tune into our playlist…